Bill’s Philosophy (In His Own Words)

About Me

In as many ways as possible, I want to inspire people in all walks of life to get out of their comfort zones and treat themselves and their dogs better in order to heighten their overall quality of life.

Throughout my life, I have found that the more you respect your surroundings–friends, neighbors, family, fellow human beings, mother nature and all her creatures–the easier it is to respect yourself and appreciate life. I wish this for everyone, that they can enjoy and appreciate their life and everything it has to offer.

My Motto

I live by my motto: Live Clean and Run Wild. But how did I wind up here? My dogs and the dog-powered lifestyle have helped me find a more fulfilling life.

I am not a very religious person, but I am a respectful person, and this is an important value in my life. If I respect my surroundings, I can respect myself. Respect is the mechanism that enables me to appreciate life. It inspires interest, compassion, understanding, and curiosity. I am not only the leader of the WooFPak, but I am in control of my destiny. I have never been a follower. My drive and passion are to live my life in harmony with nature, fellow humans, and all of my surroundings, and to never have any regrets.

I love technology and use it to assist with my lifestyle – but not to control it. Additionally, I have an extensive background in the martial arts. This has helped me learn that true power can only be achieved through relaxation and striving to perform in an effortless way. This is the essence of martial arts and the foundation for a balanced life. Tension and wasted movements drain our energy. Animals hunt, play and sleep without any tension. We can learn a lot from them.

Martial Arts


Now that you know a little about my values – to live clean; I want to tell you a little about my fun – to run wild. I love TaeKwonDo, a martial art that uses a lot of kicks. Some of my favorite TaeKwonDo moves include breaking wood with Speed Breaks. That is where a piece or pieces of wood are dangled and you break them with the technique of speed. I also practice Gumdo, a martial art that uses a sword, I love to slice newspapers and cut bamboo.


Another one of my love affairs is with American muscle cars such as my ’79 Trans Am. I have a class A Tractor Trailer License, and like big trucks as well. One of my favorite rides besides the dog carts, of course, is my Can-Am Motorcycle. It is a three-wheel Trike, with two wheels in the Front and one in the Back. I have an occasional cigar or smoke a pipe for relaxation. Good concerts and music are also important in my life.


Music reminds me of my past and my journey and encounters with friends and family. I live in the present but always cherish the past. As mentioned before, it is important to have no regrets in life and I really try to live by that rule. This has resulted in most of my memories being warm and positive. There are episodes in life that are out of our control–losing a loved one can be the most devastating–but as long as we respected our loved ones and always treated them the way we wanted them to treat us, then the memories we hold of them will be good ones.

The Dogs

You can read much more about the dogs on WooFDriver, so I will keep it brief, but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention them here. My dogs have taught me so much. They are devoted, loyal, energetic, and passionate–just like me! They inspire, energize, and motivate me to live my best life every day.


I am sometimes called “The Wild Man.” I  live to enjoy life, and while I do get a little extreme or over-the-top with my passions, my passion gives me a vehicle in which to explore my creativity. And I’ll never apologize for that!

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