Technically Speaking

Technology & The Natural World

Bill is as passionate about exploring technology as he is the natural world. From a young age, he tinkered with and took apart his toys and household gadgets trying to figure out how they worked. (Much to his parents’ dismay he was only sometimes able to put them back together).

As he grew up, Bill turned from toys to automobiles, and later computers and computer programming. He found the possibilities they offered inspiring and quickly began looking at ways of incorporating the technology into his daily life. He was at the cutting age of printing technology when he and a partner purchased one of the first Hewlett-Packard large format plotters and went into the print business. While in the printing business, design technology was evolving swiftly. In order to keep up and so he could provide top quality products for his clients, Bill taught himself the most sophisticated design, photo, and illustration programs available at the time, and learned how to manage the operation’s entire network.

Bill’s adventuring spirit and creative mind have been the catalyst for his many tech adventures, and it was only a matter of time before he linked technology and the WoofPak. For instance, today his house is fully automated with programs operating everything from lights, which go on if the dogs should get up in the night, to automatic dog doors, and even a notification system that tells Bill where the dogs are on the grounds.

It may not seem obvious just what running wild in nature with the WooFPak would have to do with technology, but it actually plays a huge part in Bill’s all-dog lifestyle. He has spent an extraordinary amount of time researching, developing, and using various products to make the WooFPak’s adventures both safe for the dogs (always Bill’s first and foremost concern) and enjoyable for all.

You can read all about the products Bill has designed and uses on one of his main project sites, WooFTek. Check out the misting system he built to keep his dogs cool in warmer months, and don’t miss the WooFDriver fleet of vehicles and equipment!

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