What are Some of Bill’s Projects?



Bill’s WooFDriver website chronicles his life as an Urban Musher. It’s a culmination of his twenty plus years of experience as a dog enthusiast, videographer and photographer, and outdoor adventurer. WooFDriver provides something for anyone who is interested in dogs, adventuring, urban mushing, and more.

Presidential Pet Museum

Officially opened in 1999 by Claire McClean, the former groomer for President Reagan’s dog, Lucky, Bill saved The Presidential Pet Museum from almost certain demise. He assumed curatorship of the museum and all its holdings, including the official Presidential Pet Museum website in 2017.  The site serves as the virtual collection of presidential pet artifacts, history, and information leading right up to today.


Bill’s WooFTek website compiles news, reviews, and technical information from the field on everything from cameras, computers, night gear, dog gear, vehicles (many of them designed or modified by Bill), equipment mounts, and event technology. Bill has researched, developed, tested, assembled, and explored a stunning amount of technology. You don’t need to know anything about dogs to appreciate and be intrigued by the equipment and systems he’s developed and used.


Bill’s passion for dogs and adventures runs deep and he is always looking for new ways to share his knowledge. The AllWoof website has something for everyone. There you will find links to stories for all ages, music about dogs (including live streaming radio available for free 24/7), dog training information, photography, videography, equipment information, and so much more.


WikiWooF is the comprehensive source for these and all the many projects Bill has undertaken.