What is Bill’s Experience?

The World As Classroom

Bill treats the whole world as a classroom and he is always looking for learning opportunities. As a child, he was diagnosed with dyslexia. He found out at an early age that traditional schooling was not the best match for him because it didn’t serve his unique learning style well. Rather, it was his diverse life and work experiences, which have given him the vital skills he still uses daily. Bill’s search for knowledge is ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated. Some might even say his different learning style has helped make him become the successful self-taught man he is today.

The following is a list of some of Bill’s experiences, skills, and background:


  • High level of Computer knowledge from networking to major Graphic program competency
  • Skilled forklift operator for both carpet and loaded pallets
  • Tractor Trailer Class A CDL Licensed and Certified
  • Teaching and Student Management In Martial Arts
  • Retail & wholesale distribution, warehousing, and logistics coordinating
  • Retail and Wholesale management and knowledge
  • Trade show display, assembly, and exhibiting understanding
  • Real Estate Commercial & Residential management

Work Background

Always an entrepreneur, Bill began working at the young age of thirteen as a laborer in the warehouse at his family’s flooring business. At fourteen started his first of many businesses owning and operating a snowball stand (a well-known Maryland phenomenon).

Bill has always had a creative and active imagination and the desire to move. In his career, Bill has done a little bit of everything. From laboring with a construction company to working in interior design; to owning his own car washing business where he earned the reputation of being friendly, fair, and trustworthy (which garnered him the opportunity to drive some fancy cars including Jaguars, Cadillacs, and even a Rolls Royce); from carpet sales to real estate; teaching TaeKwonDo to driving a tractor trailer; to owning and operating his own pet shop (which included a HUGE remodel of the existing store); owning and operating a large format printing business, and owning and operating a pet supply wholesale business, which is still in operation today, Bill has had a truly rich and rewarding career.


In addition to his pet supply business, which he owns with his wife, Bill manages his family’s commercial real estate holdings, and he is a partner in the Walk for a Dog charity-driven app, which he helped design, implement, and produce.

All of these experiences have shaped Bill into the man he is today and he employs knowledge from all these different facets of his career into his work with his dogs and his adventuring lifestyle.

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